Smart romance: Seven Secrets of Seduction by Anne Mallory


Scandalous and provocative, The Seven Secrets of Seduction is an intoxicating insight into the mind of men and the desires of women; and the book has all the ton talking.

Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook . . .

Well-educated, but not part of society, Miranda Chase is just as captivated by the erotic pages as everyone else in London. Intrigued by the layers she sees beneath the book’s surface, she writes an editorial about it, never realizing that her passionate words will draw an actual viscount to her uncle’s bookshop.

Maximilian, Viscount Downing, has very particular ideas about passion and sees truth only in desire. He freely flaunts his sensual power and seeks nothing more than another conquest; the one that could justify his entire debauched existence. But Miranda’s blend of innocence, trust, and love cause a strange thing to happen on the way to this seduction. Something that just might threaten the very fabric of his jaded heart . . .


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ – 4.5 seductive stars

“You will be my conscience, and I will be your shame.”

I am a little bit in love with this book. When it comes to romance it is hard to convince people that a book sometimes is not about romance but people. For example, the first kiss in “Seven secrets of seduction” does not happen until very far into the book; characters simply seduce each other with their intelligence. But there’s nothing simple about such kind of seduction.

The story opens with a scene in a bookstore where our characters meet for the first time. And for quite some time they simply discus books. We don’t really care who and why they are as long as they give us that joyous feeling of being privy to a very… um, stimulating conversation about books and authors. I was simply aroused by hero and heroine’s dialogue. I will argue that it really takes talent to write a smexy story about books. A book after my own heart indeed.


“You read a lot?”
“Yes. It’s an escape into another world.” She tried to keep her words light instead of sad, thoughts of her family in her head. “Sometimes that is the best part of a hard day.”


Don’t be fooled by another abs alert cover; this story is deep and meaningful and at times quite painful. Simply put, “Seven secrets of seduction” is one more prove books can assist two lonely people in finding each other over millions of people and hundreds of miles away. And my inner romantic absolutely believes in the sentiment.

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